Krysta Maravilla

Who am I? That has been a question I have puzzled over for so many years. Who am I and, at the crux of all of it, am I lovable, valuable, am I enough?

My story will unravel its self before your eyes, as I know in my being, exposing my inner journey like this is part of my path. For now, you want the concise version, sooooooooooo here we go:

Who am I? I am a feisty and light hearted girl, who as she ages, becomes ageless. I feel more alive and playful now than I have since pre-teens. I find ways to laugh at myself and celebrate small moments in humor, to share joy. I try to leave those I encounter in my daily life lighter than they were before, with a freshness and slightly different perspective then they had previous to talking with me. I am a self-development junkie. I have finally, after years of conflict, fallen in love with my body; loving my connection to her in yoga, in trying programs like Transform with BeachBody or Insanity, with even the foods I chose to eat. I am sooo much more and I invite you to join me, as more aspects of me will be unraveled and courageously shared.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because for most of my life, no exaggeration, I struggled with my self-worth, my value, my body, my ability to feel safe trusting others and myself, my self-love. When I looked around me, I would see things that reinforced to me it was safer being walled up and so disconnected from my being that it would take catastrophic life experiences that moved me into action. Discomfort so fierce and overwhelming that my mind took me to places…. and here I am.

Another important reason why I am doing this: I have chosen a field in which I hear about the worst moments of peoples lives, those in which they have given up hope, given up on life. Literally 8 hours a day I hear about tragedy, loss, abuse, hopelessness, depression, psychotic breaks, and more. I am actively trying to counter balance the sad, the fear, the harshness of life with love and l love stories.

I view my path as a flower growing and for many years I stopped feeding her; she wilted and shriveled. Now, with deliberate awareness, choices, and nourishment, I have blossomed bigger, more vibrantly than ever before. I want you, whoever you are, to begin to be nourished and bloom, just like me. To fall deeply, and irrevocably, in love with yourself, and to spread love where ever you go.

I NEED to give a shout out to my one of my best friends known online as Budderflie. She helped me with my first social media posts, video taped & edited Hope on Film, and supported me when I was feeling overwhelmed. Check out her site