Maravilla Love, Marvelous Love. Let’s spread love; big love, small moments of love, challenges of love, growth made from love, all love.

I wish to heighten awareness in people’s daily lives to the thousands of loving acts that occur daily, in small, rural communities to vast cities, globally. One of the ways I want to achieve this is to receive love stories from you and share them.

What is my definition of love? Well…. I believe love is in everything, every act, from the most compassionate and self-sacrificing, to the most heinous. Love, is similar to all things in life, it has its darkness as well as its lightness. I find that people, in trying to capture the lightness and stay in this space, may not always appreciate (understandably because it is a challenge and we tend to have dynamic emotions involved) the dark side of love… yet does it not all lead to self-love? Whatever the case, all colors of love provide a platform for individual and group growth.

I believe that love is the fabric of our lives, like tree roots, connecting us to each other, communicating, feeding, sharing, protecting, and supporting each other. Will you choose to connect and be part of our loving network?

Please be aware that this site, like life, will most likely fluidly change and is perfectly imperfect.