One global incident

With the current pandemic sweeping the globe how each of us experience this varies drastically. So many variables to consider…

Some are able to work remotely, with no break to manage their increased life stress in balancing their fears, having their children at home to care for, or the worry of a high risk loved one. Some have been laid off and are at home alone or with their children, not knowing how they will feed themselves, how they’ll make rent, their car payment, or if they have a future after this. Some have continued to have to go to work every day, knowing that what they do places themselves at risk for infection or their children, lover, parent, friend… Within each those broad experiences listed, there is profound emotion.

We always have a choice; the choice in what we choose to focus our attention, the choice on how we react, the choice in how we treat others and ourselves… and it doesn’t have to be complex. If you choose to focus on strengths, on what is right in the world with you in that moment, on what gives you joy (and NOT what numbs you out), what makes you come alive… if you choose to focus on helping someone smile, on changing someones day, on creating special memories… how would that feel? How, like this pandemic, could it exponentially grow?

If you are struggling for whatever reason don’t hesitate; reach out. You are not alone. If you don’t feel safe, call 1-800-273-8255, the national suicide hotline. You are important, you are enough, you are beautifully imperfect.

One global incident, infinite individual experiences…

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