Welcome to Maravilla Love; a sacred space for love stories of all kinds and a community dedicated to seeing love everywhere. 

Maravilla, which translates to Marvelous, Love was born due to the amount of fear and pain that was being heard from all over. On the news, in books, shared stories between each other, in family; fear and suffering seemed to take the forefront. Holding people paralyzed in some cases, limiting them from fully living in others, and so on… If one is tuned into fear, that is all they will see. Fear in going outside, in interacting with strangers, with finances, inner fear questioning their worth, lovability, and purpose.

If you align with love, you will start to see love everywhere. Love in a stranger letting you enter, or pass, in traffic. Love between your children as they play. Love with your friends as you show up to listen, support, and laugh with each other. Having your eyes connect with your partner across the room to share a smile. A co-worker hearing another’s co-workers struggle and helping however they can. Love becomes evident everywhere and that is just with us humans. If we look to animal and plants you will find a plethora of loving acts. 

Maravilla Love is not just a space to hold stories of love. It is a community of people willing to be vulnerable in their love to help others see love, feel love, and share how love can be so many different aspects. All different, all beautiful, all connecting. It is a place that is focusing on building communities with love as its primary intention, primary lens to experience each other in healthy and respectful ways. 

Maravilla Love is here to help inspire those that may be struggling, feeling alone, depressed, fearful. A place they can access stories they may resonate with to help them see growth is possible. It might open their eyes to a form of love that they hadn’t considered, such as helping a stranger with their groceries, or just smiling at someone…. and ideally, start to change their lens of the world, how they see and experience life. 

Think of Maravilla Love as a well; a well of love. You are invited to drink from the well until you are full, to come with the intention of adding more water to the well, and you can share this well with others as it will always have enough. It is endless and unlimited. Whatever your reason you’re here; welcome. You are loved.